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When planning a family vacation, we always want to make sure it's as memorable as possible. We want our children to remember this holiday their whole life.

Walt Disney World in Orlando has been open since 1971, that's an amazing 36 years of loyal service. The skeptical among you might be worried that it will be a pretty tired resort, and so would be wary about taking your children there on their summer holiday.

Actually it's nothing like this, ever since 1971 a lot of money has been spent on continually upgrading the park. Walt Disney World in Orlando has spent a lot of money adding rides and amusements to its theme parks.

Walt Disney World in Orlando is still a new exciting and vibrant place where you can go to experience all of that special Walt Disney magic.

There are many different events and rides for the whole family at Walt Disney World in Orlando. These rides will keep the whole family entertained. Many families keep coming back to Walt Disney World in Orlando because they found it so exciting the first time around.

Some of the events at Walt Disney World in Orlando include:

You are bound to find something to keep your family entertained at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

The most popular attractions in Disney World's magic kingdom are the haunted mansion and the pirates of the Caribbean. Both of which are very popular films this is why your kids will enjoy Walt Disney World in Orlando so much.

It's important to be aware however that if you are travelling with very small children some of these rides may be too scary for them. There are a range of classic Disney rides for younger children to enjoy including:

  • Dumbo
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • It's a small world

There are many newer attractions that may be attractive for younger children including rides like:

  • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
  • Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

These are also both very popular films for children they'll love being a part of the adventure at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Who wouldn't like going for a ride with buzz lightyear? This is only possible at Walt Disney World. Where else could you laugh with monsters Inc?

There's one of Walt Disney World in Orlando's favorite attractions in Epcot it's known as spaceship earth. Spaceship earth is one of the parks most popular dark rides.

The only problem with popular rides is that you may have to queue for quite a long time just to go on them. This can be very disappointing and upsetting especially for little children. Perhaps you could try going on some of the less popular rides first.

A trip through Epcot will teach your children about all of the world's countries without having to leave the country! There's also an exciting Nemo and friends ride which is based on underwater exploration.

There's also a very entertaining "Honey, I shrunk the audience" Show in the Epcot region.

The Disney-MGM studies are bound to be of interest for any movie fan, no matter whether they are young or old. There is a fantastic Great movie ride which takes you through lots of different scenes from many famous Disney movies. The films include Singin' In the rail, Raiders of the lost ark, and Casablanca. You'll also get chance to experience Muppet Vision 3-D, and the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

If you or your kids are keen animal fans then make sure you visit Walt Disney World in Orlando's animal kingdom. You can do anything in the Animal kingdom from a very thrilling dinosaur ride to the exhilarating safari attraction. Everyone in your family is sure to love the animal kingdom attraction at Disney World.

There's a lot to see and do at Walt Disney World in Orlando. You could spend a month there but still come away without being able to have tried everything. You might need two or three trips until you have had chance to try everything out!

There are many chances to get a taste of lots of popular Disney films throughout Disney World in Orlando. You can get a taste of films like the lion king, and finding Nemo by taking a trip on the rides.

Walt Disney World in Orlando has a lot to offer the whole family it is truly a magical place where almost anything can happen. Children will love seeing their favorite cartoon characters strutting their stuff they will be completely mesmerized, and hopefully speechless!

Speak to your travel agent today to arrange some great priced bundle tickets which include air fairs, and entry to the park. Don't forget to book everything together if you want to stay in the hotel. It's often possible to get some great value tickets for entry to the park and hotel at the same time.

To make your stay at Walt Disney World in Orlando even more magical you could stay in one of the hotels in the park. Many of these are themed so that you never forget you're in Disney World.

Give your children a holiday that they will never forget, and take them to Walt Disney World in Orlando. If you and your family like Disney films (and let's face it everyone does) then taking them to Disney World would be a real treat.

Everything in Disney World is themed, and like I said before it's impossible to forget where you are. There is only one place like Disney World!

There is a lot more to see and do in Orlando than just Disney World. If you do ever get sick of Walt Disney World in Orlando you could quite easily escape to the beach for some light relaxation. Don't be worried you won't see Mickey Mouse down at the beach.

When you come to the end of your stay at Walt Disney World in Orlando you might never want to leave. Don't panic you can always come back next year!

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